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"I first had a reading from Terez after years of strong endorsements

 and praise from her nephew who has been a close friend of mine for about 12 years. I am not religious nor do I practice any form of spirituality and I'm very skeptical by nature.

When Terez happened to be in town on a visit and I had an opportunity to have a reading I did it more out of curiosity than anything else. Since my friend who had spoken so highly of her was similarly oriented toward skepticism but nevertheless felt he had received very accurate and insightful readings from her I figured it would at least be interesting.

It turned out to be extremely insightful. Terez definitely seemed to have tapped into something because she was acutely aware of details of the lives, personalities, health and other facts about me and people I know without any cues or leading information from me.

I was impressed enough to come back for several more readings as well as a Reiki session. Terez focuses relentlessly on the positive and I always walked away with some new ideas and perspectives swirling in my head that were helpful and uplifting." -Simon


"The long distance Reiki seems like it would be implausible or ineffective, but I was completely surprised by its potency and power. The long-distance Reiki healing accelerated my natural healing process, and I found myself forgetting about my ailment soon after the Reiki was performed.

It restores me physically, but also helps

emotionally cleanse me of negative feelings, fears, and anxiety." - Natalie Brilmyer

"It is because I am a skeptic that I can recommend Terez

to anyone from any background. The information received during a session is not only accurate, but relevant and profound. My quality of life has been greatly improved over the years by consulting with her on a variety of subjects. Health problems have been specifically addressed and overcome. Moreover, she has helped my business, and interpersonal relationships by giving me information I could not have found any where else. The skeptic in me wants to know how it works scientifically, and at some time in the future I think experts will be able to quantify and measure this phenomena. Until then we have this powerful source of information. I highly recommend that if someone is on the fence about it, they go for it. They will not be disappointed." Anthony M Stokes

"In a word, Reiki is awesome.

I had never heard of it before my mom began practicing and at first it didn't even occur to me how helpful it could be in my life. Then she became able to send the Reiki over long distances, and I really learned how amazing it is. There are countless little instances when I have asked for her help if I feel less than my best, but probably the most that it's ever helped me was when I suddenly got very sick when I was studying in Spain. It was my last night there and all of a sudden

(in the middle of our farewell dinner no less), I was burning up and everything just started to hurt: my throat, my muscles, my sinuses, my head.

The next morning it was even worse and when I finally forced myself out of bed it was only to immediately email my mom and ask her for help. I couldn't stop myself from crying because I was sick and confused, exhausted and especially upset that I was feeling this way on my last day in Spain.

By that point it was already 1 pm there which meant it was 7 am back at home, so I knew my mom would check her email soon. It wasn't even 45 minutes later when I started to feel better.

I had been struggling to pack when I realized that I didn't feel hot anymore and I could comfortably stand up straight. I was able to breathe easily and I was only a little achey. I almost started crying again with relief (dramatic, I know, but you don't know how I felt!).

I had always known that Reiki worked fast and was very powerful but I hadn't fully appreciated what that meant until that day.

 Now I tell anyone about it who will listen, because why would you want someone to miss out on something as awesome as Reiki is just because they had never heard of it?"

Maricella Brilmyer

"If you need insight, clarity, information to make a next step in your life,

I highly recommend that you seek Terez and the gift she has to offer.

Almost one year ago i struggled with questions about my marriage and my children's health and
education. I told Terez I was willing to move anywhere that would b good for my children's health and education; with or without my husband. We were facing a rare health condition, a declining local public school system and an ongoing life of mam and dad ignoring one another or fighting. I asked Terez if she could tell me where my children and I could do well. What school would be the right school?

Terez name two school districts that I heard of before and thought highly of. I researched the area after speaking with Terez and both were very appealing. My husband did not want to move because of his current job.

The marriage declined further and I called Terez one more time. She confirmed the unfaithfulness

I suspected. I did not have the financial resources to support myself and my children. If I decided to move she said to just do it. Once I put my energy into moving and knew the area to go to, things started to work out.

Here I am wearing a size 10 clothing. I use to wear size 16. I am smiling, I have shed what I did not need and what was not good for me. this was not easy. I did try marriage counseling.

Without speaking with Terez, I might still be a size 16 clothing and not a positive influence in my children's lives.

My children have watched me close a chapter in my life that was not good. I hope a lesson I taught them was to end what is not good. They waited while we were in marriage counseling and heard the unkind words that continued. I tell them we are on a new journey, a new chapter in our lives.

Through Terez I have been able to learn more to understand my children, their father and me. The experience and help from Terez has changed my life by giving me more smiles, more confidence and power as I meet each new day., a better physical appearance and a healthier lifestyle. My children are receiving a quality education from caring, competent teachers. We are in a new home, with a yard, wonderful new neighbors and our home is filled with love.

I participated in a women's retreat, great professional business meetings and social events this week. The friends I am making are positive, balanced, supportive and energetic. These life experiences are very different from what I experienced before I spoke with Terez. Her help has changed my life for the better. By helping me, she has helped my children as well. I am very thankful for her gift and help."



"I have used Terez several times for readings that covered

business, health and relationship issues.

Terez always gave me good information, not always exactly what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. After my father passed away she gave me insights and communications that were reassuring to me and my siblings. I highly recommend Terez and her gifts. Please feel free to use my whole name because I fully endorse Terez' talents and professionalism." ~ Neil Stokes.

"Terez has helped me in so many ways.

Last year I experienced a very rough year at work. Terez and her connection with the angels helped me get through this really difficult time. She helped me see the positive things in my life. Terez helped me learn that there are reasons for the trials we must endure in life and that the angels will bless us if only we will believe.

Terez helped me with my beloved dog HoHo. He was a large dog with many medical problems. Through her connection with the angels, Terez helped me see when it was time to let go. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. I loved this dog like a child.

Through her gift, I have been able to see that this animal is my sprit guide and is always with me.

This is a great comfort as I go through life. I am blessed to have Terez be a part of my life.

I believe her connection with the angels helps me get through every day

with love and happiness." - Linda

"I have been receiving Angel readings from Terez for 10 years now.

I don't where to begin to tell how these readings have changed my life! It's always a positive experience and you always feel very loved and safe while you are getting your reading.

My readings have helped me make very important and difficult decisions in my life such as moving, career choices and ending situations that were not good for me to be in.

No matter what situation you need guidance for, you get it in a very non-judgmental way. You can ask for guidance in any situation you are in. Nothing is too big or small for the Angels to help you with. I am particularly thankful for the information regarding my children: what kind of parenting works best for them, which friends are not good for them, which teacher is best for them, what sport/activity will they get the most benefit from. That alone is invaluable information.

I will always be thankful to Terez and her gift for helping me stay on my path,

she is a treasure here on Earth!!!
With much love and admiration," ~ Lesley


"It doesn't matter what you believe in;

afterlife, dimensions unknown, The Big Bang, omnipotent creator,
Angels or aliens, Spiritual connection or intuition.
With her gift, Terez has no personal agenda

except to bring insight and clarity to the concerns of her clients.

My experience with health professionals, and counselors

is typically characterized by a lack of direct talk about
the issues. I inevitably feel their carefully guarded quality of advise and opinions.
Once the work is done, there still remains - the question of the right answer and the right path.

On the other hand, sessions with Terez are clearly directed and results oriented.

I usually begin a session confused, and with a sense of nowhere else to turn.

I finish the session feeling relieved, with a clear
sense of purpose, and with the feeling that I have just had a big and loving hug.

I feel as though a warm
blanket is wrapped around my shoulders, to keep for my newly revealed journey.

My first session with Terez involved my father who had passed on a year before.

He wanted to tell me something during my session. His message came in the words and phrasing uniquely those of my father - my Texas cowboy hero.
To me, this was solid proof that Terez has an inexplicable connection to the

energy of the universe and beyond." ~ G.L.

"Having had many reading with Terez,

and knowing that any question or request is answered,

I decided for one reading that I would ask an ascended master, Paramahansa Yogananda, whom I love dearly, to come through and speak with me.


I made the request, and a moment later, Terez began to exclaim, "Wow! Wow!" She tried to describe the feeling, "It's as if I am surrounded by the clearest blue water!" I said, "Yes, he is one with the Infinite". Then, she said, "Go ahead", upon which I completely lost my voice and began crying for feelings of unworthiness, but Yogananda spoke to me loving words of encouragement, which Terez conveyed to me. It was one of the most sacred experiences of my life." - K.P.

"I have visited with Terez over the last 10 years.

I initially met with her after I lost my dear friend and lover after a short unexpected illness.

I spent the first 6 months going over and over in my mind what I might have done differently.

It wasn't until I met with Terez and had the experience of actually
 receiving messages from my departed friend that the healing began. So many things were clarified. It was also comforting to know that he still existed in a form with consciousness.

Since then I have met with her in regards to business decisions, relationship and personal growth issues. I have also recommended her to my fiends and have heard nothing but good results.

Take a chance. She is really amazing." ~ K. Sommers

"Terez is a very clear channel for your Angels.

She is a medical intuitive and has helped me immensely trying to figure out what I need and how to help my family thrive. She doesn't tell the future (the Angels honor our free will) but helps you understand everything you need for today or for past issues to heal.

She has even helped me find my escaped dogs!

She lives in Pittsburgh so I usually talk to her on the phone.

So, it is wonderful when she comes to town. What a gift!" ~ A. Parrish

"When it comes to psychic readings, Terez is the 'real deal.'


Her ability to access personal and universal information is simply amazing!

Her messages are always designed to help you move forward in your life with a better understanding of situations and the "big picture."

I have had several readings over the years with profound positive results.

She helped me become aware of dynamics in the relationship with my son that I was completely oblivious to. She helped me through a health crisis by revealing limiting beliefs that were holding me back because I was not conscious of them.


Within a few days I was back on my feet! Her messages always cut right to the heart of your greatest challenges allowing for immediate improvements. I would recommend Terez to everyone!

You will be amazed her gift!" - Lynn

And some more.....

Dear Terez,
I appreciate the information that you delivered to me at ..... today.
You have been blessed with a wonderful gift. Thank you for sharing it with me.
I hope that we will cross paths again.
Grateful for your delivery!

Thank you so much for using your gift to help me out. I love the prayer you gave me.
Somehow my burden has been lifted. My heart is healing.

Thanks Terez  as usual.........
Bless you!

Dear Terez,
What a gift you gave me yesterday- well the Angels through you.
My eyes are open now.

Thank you,

Your talent is a blessing.
Thank you so much for my message today.
With heart,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing your gift with me.
May God Bless you abundantly,
All My Love,

That was by far the most beautiful birthday message ever.
I t made me so very happy. I feel like I know a secret that no one else knows.



Each of you is a soul

come down to experience

that which is your light to be."



From other Healers...

As a hospice volunteer, I gave weekly reiki treatments to a woman named Shirley, who had severe dementia. She had no control over her body, which was contorted, could not speak, and had to be fed, changed, bathed, and carried.

She spent hours on end alone in her room and seemed to have little awareness of her surroundings. Sometimes during her Reiki treatment, she would shed tears, which is not unusual.

Yet, I longed to know what was going through her mind, so I asked Terez. Terez was able to tell me Shirley had moments of clarity in which she grieved for her former life, even for mundane chores like sweeping her floors.

As the Reiki flowed into her, she would feel and release the grief, and treasured the warmth and love it gave her, which she lacked in the nursing home.

My visits felt "like an Angel" visiting her. Terez even told me she still had some time to go before death, though the exact time was not to be known. This information greatly comforted me, so much so that I spoke to a hospice supervisor about it, who thought it was a wonderful service that could be provided to family members who were open. I made sure that Shirley had Reiki treatments from then on.

 --Kim Pradhan

I first met Terez through a friend who knew of my interest in Spiritual or psychic readings.

In fact, I had just had a phone reading with Sylvia Browne, and had a reading with Terez a few months later.

I felt such joy immediately when I met Terez, so much so that Terez told me she could see my aura, something she said she didn't always do. Her messages were given with so much joy and love, which I actually did not feel from Sylvia.

Terez confirmed some things that Sylvia told me, such as where my paternal grandmother actually came from in Europe. Also, my grandfather and aunt were jumping up and down to get a chance to say hi to me from Heaven.

When I asked about why my son was born with his birth defect, Sylvia just said, "To teach you patience. Not him, you!" Repeated requests for clarity were brushed off. Terez, on the other hand, was able to give a more thorough understanding of past life influences leading up to this physical manifestation, and an assurance that this "problem" was part of his important mission in this life.

As the years have passed, I saw that most of what Sylvia told me was at best shallow and largely incorrect. I have had many readings with Terez over the years and have found her messages to be instructive, clarifying, and comforting. For that reason, I like to tell her she's way better than Sylvia Browne!

"Over the last 5 years, Terez has had some very important messages come through from the Angels and Above to me.

Some of these messages have been challenging and difficult. Some of them have given me great comfort and peace.

All of the messages have been clearly spoken through Love and have given me insight which has helped me tremendously.

Terez is an honest, wonderful woman who devotes her life to facilitating Awareness and access to the Higher Self for those of us who "forget" whilst we are busy in our daily lives and challenges.

May God bless Terez always. I highly recommend Terez's readings to anyone who seeks to know the higher truths in life. Thank you so much Terez! - Mary Anita C.

"The death of my daughter

was the hardest thing

I have had to live through.

The information that Terez

was able to give me

through her connection

with the angels about

my daughter's death and last days

has been a great comfort to me.


Because of her help,

I feel connected with my daughter,

 even now.

This closeness would not have

been possible without Terez' gift."

~ Charlotte


Thank you so much for finding the time to talk with me last Friday evening.
I cannot explain to you how calm and at peace I felt after our conversation.
I have never had an experience like that before. I know what direction I need to
follow in my life now.

God Bless You!

You have brought me such peace to my heart.
Thank you for sharing your gift.
Love and Prayers,