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Animal Communications

Terez is an Angelic intuitive and energy worker who uses her ability to receive information from the Angels and Spirit Guides.  This information supports, enlightens, consoles, motivates, guides, and inspires those wishing to become an empowered soul.

Animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary care, healthy exercise,
proper nutrition and a loving home.


Terez has been gifted with the ability to communicate with animals,
whether they are living or in Spirit form.
Animals will give you vital information for their happiness and wellness.
Give your pets the power to communicate their problem. Distance
is not an obstacle to animal communication.

Is your animal happy?
What makes your animal unhappy?
What does your animal need from you?
Is your animal in pain?
Is anything hurting your pet; wrong food, activities, harmful or toxic medications?
Why is the animal experiencing behavioral problems?


Animal communication provides
insight into why your pet is feeling pain, but, does not
by itself heal pain.
Reiki can aid in the healing of an animal.



Reiki for animals and pets:

Reiki animal healing,

 as with other alternative therapies,

is now being applied to animals

for disease treatment and general wellness.


Many veterinarians use Reiki as a support in addition to conventional veterinary medicine.

Reiki medicine healing does not involve the administration of any drugs,

just a gentle physical contact with the animal.


Animals love Reiki and it works for them.


Reiki is recommended for animals who have emotional issues due to traumatic situations.

Reiki can heal behavioral issues such as nervousness or activity. It can help your
 pet relax and reduce their stress anxiety.


If your pet is sick or injured Reiki can help your pet heal faster.

If your pet is facing a serious illness, Reiki can help bring comfort and be a great compliment your conventional treatment.


If your beloved pet is dying, Reiki for animals can bring peace and comfort to you and your pet during this difficult time. It helps them to cross over in a peaceful manner.

Reiki for animals is never a substitute for proper veterinary care,

but it does bring a peaceful l healing to your pet.


Reiki on an animal is an Energy Exchange of $45.00 for 15 minutes

Other services:


Angel Therapy Classes
Angel Workshops
Cleansing/Blessing Homes/Offices And Other Spaces
Reiki Energy Healing Sessions
Reiki Long Distance Energy Healing Sessions

Dietary Wisdom To Honor Your Temple
Burning Bowl Ceremonies




"Terez is a very clear channel

for your Angels.

She is a medical intuitive and has helped

me immensely trying to figure out what I need

 and how to help my family thrive.

She doesn't tell the future (the Angels honor our free will) but helps you understand everything you need for today or for past issues to heal.

She has even helped me find my escaped dogs!

She lives in Pittsburgh so I usually talk

to her on the phone.

What a gift!" ~ A. Parrish




A sense of wonder...

abandonment of all fears
and merely believing in God
and all that he holds in the palm
of this adventure we call life.



"As you live, you shall be."