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House Clearing

Terez is an Angelic intuitive and energy worker who uses her ability to receive information from the Angels and Spirit Guides.  She works with her Angels and Guides in creating beautiful ceremony and blessings to clear a space of unwanted energy, and fill it with the intention you wish in your life.

Cleansing / Blessing

Homes / Offices and

Other Spaces


House clearing, also called space clearing, transforms energies in your environment

to make it safer, healthier and happier for you, your family, pets and plants.

To live well, you should try to be in harmony with your environment.


If your inner and outer environments are NOT balanced you may experience:

* Ill health to all people in the environment
* Sleep issues including nightmares
* Broken or difficult relationships

* Financial problems
* Problems in career or business

Emotional challenges such as:

* Depression,

* Anxiety;

* Moodiness

When your space is cleared

you will experience a

harmonious, balanced space

that enhances:








Reiki Burning Bowl Ceremony

The Reiki burning bowl ceremony is a fire bowl ceremony that has been used for many years.

It is a ceremony which involves using Reiki and writing down negative conditions that you would like to release from your life on a piece of paper.
Terez empowers the bowl to be used with Reiki.


Terez facilitates a guided meditation enabling people to become calm and in the moment.
Paper and pencils are passed to each person and they are ask to write all negative conditions they are wishing to release from their life. Individuals then burn their paper in the bowl which turns prayers to smoke and sends them to the Creator in the Reiki bridge of Light.

The purpose of the ceremony is to release old patterns, beliefs and experiences that impede you from realizing your authentic self.

Old relationships, unhealthy attachments , childhood traumas and sadness may also be released.

By sending the old unwanted conditions up to
the Creator in smoke, you clear the way for new beginnings.


Terez facilitates another guided meditation and people are asked to focus their attention on what it is they would like to choose to create in their new life. Once again they write down their intentions on a piece of paper, burn the paper and send the prayers to the Creator to manifest their intentions.


Using Reiki to empower you and the Burning Bowl Ceremony invites the loving universe to the Ceremony to assist your request. Reiki helps you to focus on your enlightened heart to see what is truly in the way of you living your best life.

The clarity with which you ask creates the possibility for your Guides to help you manifest what you are asking for. Reiki will help assist you with your commitment to your intentions by
having the Reiki Guides whisper reminders to you, which will empower you as you walk your daily journey..

Examples of using a Reiki Burning Bowl Ceremony:

Change of job
16th birthdays
21st birthdays
New home
New Year Resolutions

House clearing is an Energy Exchange

of $90 per half hour.


Terez can clear residential and business properties

in person and long distance.

Results begin immediately!

The most common experiences include:

An increased feeling of calm, peace and tranquility
Ability to focus and concentrate better

Finding it easier to complete projects or jobs you have been procrastinating
Better sleep
Fewer fights/irritation
Emotions are more balanced and positive

All of the above as well as:

Better communication and morale
Better employee performance
Lower absenteeism


Burning Bowl Ceremonies



Terez  recommends a house clearing

after an intense event such as:

the death of a loved one

or an argument. 


A new home should always be cleansed 

before moving into it.

Terez uses sage (grown from her garden)

water that has been blessed,

salt  and /or Reiki to cleanse your space.

Long distance Reiki is used for facilities

 that are too far to travel.

The sage and smudging remove

 the negative energy and

protect your home/business





"It is not until you get the lesson

you came to learn,

that all your dreams begin

 to transform your life."