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Healing Sessions

Reiki ~ Distance Healing ~ Dietary Wisdom

Terez is a Master Reiki Practitioner who uses her ability to receive information from the Angels and Spirit Guides.  This information can be used to heal in a variety of ways.

"You are love's energy."


Reiki is not a substitution for medical care.

Reiki Energy Healing Sessions


(Japanese words re-Spirit/soul,


is one of the most popular healing techniques also called,

"hands on healing"

Reiki translates as a universal life energy healing method that originated in Japan. It is offered as an alternative treatment in many hospitals around the world.

Reiki treats your physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual body through your life force energy

and works from the inside at the root cause. Reiki promotes self healing and letting go of limiting conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings.
It creates forward movement in your life,

improves immunity and is a holistic approach

if you are under the care of a medical\provider.

Examples of what Reiki is beneficial for:

*Trauma / Grief
* Depression anxiety
* Fatigue, problems sleeping
*Pain reduction or elimination
*Releasing tension in the body
*Maintaining general wellness

*Living with chronic conditions
*Making or handling changes in life

*Mental/emotional/physical/Spiritual healing
* Emotional balancing, self esteem, mental clarity
*Sexual/ physical/emotional abuse*Stress reduction, stress related ailments
*Helps to reduce side effects of medications or treatments (including cancer)*Pre/post surgery (relaxation before surgery reduces recovery time and helps with pain management)


Reiki helps relieve addictions and eases the physical withdrawals felt from chemical dependencies.
The disease of addiction creates reservoirs of grief and guilt.
The ability to stay clean and sober can be inhibited in part,

by carrying unresolved issues and repressed feelings.
Reiki helps clients who suffer from shame and guilt.

It is a valuable tool in breaking through the walls that keep clients from understanding themselves.



Reiki Long Distance

Energy Healing Sessions

Long distance Reiki, also called

Absentee Reiki,

is healing given to someone who is not actually present for the session.

The transmission of Reiki energy

is not limited by time and space.


The Reiki is sent by a

method a Reiki Master

receives during Reiki training.

A client or an animal can receive amazing benefit from a long distance session as from a

direct hands-on hand session.


A long distance session is shorter in duration than a hands-on session.

Long distance Reiki can work on the same issues that one would seek out from a hands on Reiki Master.


 These would include:


*Depression &

 other emotional conditions



*Addictions *Stress.

"Our ships sail and we fly into life."

Dietary Wisdom

To Honor Your Temple

Good choices for nutrition is important for all ages. The amount and quality of food you eat has a major influence on your health and emotions.

Eating a diet that is for YOUR highest good has the ability to change your world.

Allergies, weight gain, irritability, depression, lethargy, pain and an inability to get rid of excess weight can prevent you from being in your highest power.

This is commonly from what is being ingested on a daily basis.

EVERY BODY requires a different diet (meaning food intake/quality/quantity) to be able to function at a top level of performance.

Thousands of books have been written on the topic of losing weight.

Thousands of people have started these diets with a will to succeed only to fail.

The weight may be lost in a dramatically short span of time.....only sadly
to return with more pounds than was started with initially.


Irritability and anger issues may surface
as the body is not being given the proper nutrients it needs to function on a balanced level.

People will ride a roller coaster of emotions to "LOOK GOOD"

instead of what is for their "HIGHEST GOOD."

Dietary wisdom with Terez gives you
the knowledge and the power to choose foods that will empower you

mentally, emotionally, physically and Spiritually.

A plan is formulated by your Angels/Guides to help you find

the balance you are seeking.


When you are seeking optimum health, we recommend that you also visit your medical doctor,

and work in conjunction with them for all

medical conditions.


However, your Angels and Guides can assist you with information and insight on the roots of your problems.


Using all methods of healing is encouraged. Reiki is not a substitution for medical care.




" free."

"In the blink of an eye, life can change into the miracles you have asked for."


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Reiki hurt?

No, it is the most wonderful, relaxing hour you can spend!
Terez will lay her hands on different parts of the body and
the life force energy will unblock those parts of the body
that need healing.
Terez will lay her hands a few inches above the body for those clients who do not wish be touched

What happens to me with the Reiki?

Some clients immediately fall into a deep sleep...snoring included!
Others will stay awake and feel relaxed.
People may feel heat or a tingling sensation.
As energy blockages are released people may snore, pass gas, burp or feel the need to use the bathroom.
It is a natural event and people need not be embarrassed.

I have a lot of anxiety. Could it help me?
Yes! Results have been astounding for those suffering from anxiety.

How many sessions do I need?

It varies with each client and the stress the body is going through at that time.

Some people like to come on a weekly basis to help to keep themselves balanced emotionally, mentally , physically and Spiritually.

Can Reiki do anything to help with addictions?

Yes! Reiki heals the emotional, mental and physical body. This allows the body and mind to break free from dependency and detoxify..
Feelings of guilt and shame are washed away with the Reiki as well.





"All that matters is the moment."



Letting go and

letting God

is truly

the only answer

you need in this life