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                                                                                 With Terez Madrid

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Spiritual Readings 

Terez is an Angelic intuitive and energy worker who uses her ability to receive information from the Angels and Spirit Guides.  This information supports, enlightens, consoles, motivates, guides, and inspires those wishing to become an empowered soul.
 All of the readings are given in a circle of protection from the Angels and Archangels. The information permits people to move forward with their daily lives and to experience guidance that will lead to desired changes and goals.
 Her readings are given through her higher self at the 4th chakra , a which opens the heart to a life time of emotional, mental , spiritual and physical healing.
 The readings may be tape recorded/cd.
 Terez recommends listening to the tape/cd within 7 days of the reading so that the healing may continue to occur.

 She has provided great aid to those seeking her assistance.


Personal one to one and telephone readings with Terez.

Direct one on one and telephone readings with Terez are available for callers in any country.

If you would like to schedule your own personal telephone conversation with Terez or if you have questions about the readings please contact Terez

All sessions are private between you and Terez.

Terez will have no memory of what was discussed in the reading as to protect your privacy.

The length of a session as well as the frequency you wish to talk with Terez is completely up to you. They are booked in 1/2 hour increments. Two hours is the maximum session length. If a client finds this is not enough time, they can schedule another session with Terez.

Some clients choose to space out their sessions over time while other clients choose to talk regularly with Terez. It's completely up to you.


What is a Reading Like?

The readings are conversational in nature, however, there is a general structure to each session.

Initially, the Angels/Spirit Guides will give clients information
on their health--it is very important for the physical body to be at peace in order to be able
to function daily emotionally, physically, mentally, and Spiritually—especially at an optimum level

At this point questions are encouraged. Answers will ring true to the client and tools are given
to be able to find peace with the situation.

A loved one who has crossed over may request to talk to the client

and a client may ask to speak to a loved one.

Questions about a clients animals/pets may also be addressed—Terez can speak to animals,

including ones that have crossed over.

A client may request information concerning a past life.

This past life information can assist in a client's understanding of their current life's challenges.

Terez is capable of seeing a client's personal Angels and Spirit Guides as they come in,

and can reveal to the client how they appear.

Many clients ask questions pertaining to business, as this is a popular subject.

In order to improve a business relationship a client may bring a personality profile of the business . Questions about business moves, ventures, etc. can greatly assist your decisions on how to proceed for the future and bring you greater clarity.
Clients are encouraged to write down their questions and bring them to the reading.


Readings, Wait Times and Prices

The wait time varies, but it largely depends upon how flexible clients are with their time.

Terez always works to schedule around the times that are best for the client

At times, challenges will present themselves, and an immediate answer is necessary.
Terez may be contacted for a 15 minute session.

(All sessions are scheduled using Pennsylvania time which is in the Eastern Time Zone)


Why should I get a reading?

The information you receive will empower you to move forward
in life with clarity.


Other services:


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Reiki Long Distance Energy Healing Sessions

Dietary Wisdom To Honor Your Temple
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Believe and see with the soul.

Why do many mediums/physics say for entertainment purposes only?

Lawyers! It is also to protect Terez from clients whose intent is not of the light.

Many clients have given testimony to "feeling" the Angels when a reading

is being given.


Terez feels this is a gift and is grateful

 to be a conduit to the light.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are readings held?
Pittsburgh PA, for in person readings.

Terez travels to different cities and will either stay at a host's home or at a hotel.

Will the readings scare me?

No, absolutely not!
The readings will never instill fear in you.
The information will ring true to you and you will be given the tools to the path of peace.

Does another entity come in? Does her voice change? Is it scary?

Terez is the vehicle who speaks their words of wisdom to you.
Her voice does not change. Her personality remains the same--which is quite pleasant!

I am so scared, what if the person I want to talk to does not want to talk to me?

The information will ring true to you and you will be given the tools to the path of clarity.
On most occasions, loved ones that have crossed over help clients to find
Terez so they may be able to speak to you. It is always to bring you

How do I know Terez is authentic?
You can read the testimonials!
Terez always protects herself and the client with white light so as to keep the readings true.
Terez's intent is to empower each client as they come to find peace and balance with her.

Is a reading like John Edward?

No, it is completely different..
John Edward primarily deals with the after life, while readings with Terez
are more conversational and broader in nature. Moreover, the purpose of the information is to inspire her clients and direct them to the path of peace.

Why does she record the reading?

A massive amount of information is given in a small amount of time.
People may become overwhelmed and not hear all that is being said to them.

Sometimes, by not fault of their own, clients will twist the information to suit themselves. Change can be challenging!

Terez encourages her clients to replay the recordings quite frequently to enable healing to continue to occur.